Catering and Events

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“We were extremely happy for having hired La Tasca for the rehearsal dinner in Philadelphia last September 8th, 2017, for the occasion of my son’s wedding. The service was extraordinary, with authentic Spanish food. We enjoyed every single dish. Las tapas were delicious, specially ” croquetas de bacalao”, my Spanish friends loved ” la escalibada”, the fish (mero with almejas) was very well done, fresh and tasty, the paellas were abundant and delicious, and all desserts met our expectations. No churros with chocolate left out!”

“The whole crew (waiters and cook) was very efficient, kind, attentive with all guests and appropriately dressed up for such an important event. And you were there all the time, ensuring that everything goes well… You were very professional, you did not miss any detail and everything went more than perfect. It was without any doubt a fabulous dinner. Specially because I organized it from Beijing, and I did not need to interchange more than 6 emails to have it arranged and organized. I knew I was in good hands.”